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February 14, 2007

Make your own custom RSS feed using Yahoo Pipes

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Earlier I wrote a bit about Yahoo Pipes. OK, so they are a real cool tech thing but what can I do with them that is useful?
The following is 2 examples of what you can do or accomplish with Yahoo Pipes. I use both of these to help search the ‘net and keep up with ‘techie happenings’. I am sure you will be able to find many more uses.

OK, on with example one.
In this example I will use a Yahoo Pipe that I created to search blogs of the Adobe Flex developers to see the programing examples and tip they have posted for us new to Flex programming.

The pipe I use is –
When you run this pipe at the end of the results is a link to create a RSS news feed from the pipe. Click the ‘subscribe to’ down arrow and select netvibes. What you do not have a Netvibes account? (See my post ‘Netvibes – Your Personal Newspaper’ to read about getting your own personal newspaper.)
Once you have the RSS feed in Netvibes, every time you click the refresh button on the feed, Netvibes runs your Pipe to update the results. Your personal newspaper is then current to that minute.

So much cool stuff and so little time.

Example 2 to follow in a couple of days or maybe tomorrow.


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