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February 19, 2007

Newsletter – 02-19-07

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I seem to be spending more time lately trying to figure out what I want to put on my new Blog. I managed to put a few new items there this week.

Ok, so you have decided to do some investing on your own. Where do you start? One of the most trusted names in investing is Morningstar. They are now offering a free investing classroom. Investing Classroom is better than you remember school ever being. You learn at your own pace. You take short quizzes that reinforce your learning and you accumulate credits toward earning 60 days of free Premium

If you use Microsoft Office or just Microsoft Word you need to check out Microsoft’s free add-ons for Word and Office. They offer a lot of free tools, templates, and gadgets. Your only cost is the time to download them and install them. Many useful items wait you at the following Microsoft Office web site. The following link is to the template area, but hang around and check our the other stuff at this site.

If you are like me you get a ton of unwanted email, snail mail, phone calls, especially at the wrong time of day. I have cut my unwanted mail, email, and phone calls down to a very minimum by registering my desire not to receive any of this junk. The following web sites both government and non government sponsored will help you eliminate this unwanted junk. I have used all the sites listed below and they do what they say and are safe.
Phone solicitations:
Junk snail mail:
Credit Card offers:
Junk email:
Lexus-Nexus marketing database:
One more thing, if the companies don’t respond to electronic requests, send a written request from forms at this web site:

While we on the subject of things that just “frost my butt” (I leaned that saying from my pop) how many times do you get those stupid recording that tell you to press 1 and then press 3 and then press 4. You really need to talk to someone that is why you called. OK, this web site has a list of most of the major companies and how to bypass the stupid automated attendant.

Does you computer worktable or desk look like a electricians nightmare? Mine always does. I am always looking for a good way to remove all the cords, wires, cables, etc. that constantly get in your way. This link will point you to what one person did to organize this computer work table. The after picture really looks nice.

That should be enough stuff to keep you busy the rest of this week.

“As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another”


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