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March 11, 2007

The new My.Yahoo vs Netvibes vs Yourminis vs Pageflakes

Filed under: cool stuff, tech — seniorgeek @ 10:12 pm

Now there is a new player in my search for the best home page/news page. My Yahoo has been updated with new visual, customization, interface, and it looks very “web 2.0”.

I don’t really see why all the new AJAX pages are called Web 2.0. It is just the evolution of the technology used to produce web pages, nothing more. I could go into this more but that is not the subject of this post.

I like the changes Yahoo have done to bring pages up to the current AJAX style that Netvibes and the rest of the players are now doing.

Now on to the new stuff at
1. I do like the theme colors. Right now I am using the Sand color with the Steel structure. These are OK but I would like to be able to pick any color from the color chart like Netvibes and Yourminis allows.
2. MyYahoo now allows up to 4 columns to pick from but still does not allow total control of page likes its arch rivals.
3. The new menu of Yahoo services is nice but still not as complete as the others in this contest of home pages.
A lot of the things I had on my old pages are not there, but in there place is a note saying they are being modified and updated. I realize that Yahoo says this new version is still in beta so we will not pass judgment until all is finished.

So now you have my initial observation of the


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