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June 7, 2007

Vista – 8 months later

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(Condensed version)
Now that I have used Vista Business version for over 6 months, I felt that I should publish my experience so you can make a decision if you want to use Microsoft Vista operating system.

BEGINNING – Saturday late November 2006

My Vista DVD has arrived and I am eagerly waiting to get this new O/S installed. I have read many reviews both pro and con so now it is my turn. The installation went smoothly, although it took quite a while, I received no errors and to my surprise Vista had all the correct drivers for the hardware on my computer. After reboots to install all the updates (yes Vista has updates already), I am ready to see how this new O/S is going to perform.

Where is everything? MS has hidden all the good stuff. I can’t find networking, can’t find the windows I am use to seeing in XP. WOW pop-ups everywhere I turn, “are you sure you want to do this?” of course I am, that is why I clicked on this, said yes to this, moved this, changed this, and the pop-ups continue to get in my face and I am getting really tired of clicking yes to all the pop-ups. Got to find where to turn these off!
Found Control Panel and spent hours there making changes to suit me. Pop-ups off, Firewall off, configurations finished. Installed printer. Firewall configured and turned back on. ( How is an average user going to figure this out! Maybe the Home edition is easier) Now back to see what is new and check out the cool Vista stuff. Aero graphics, widgets, etc are nice but after the newness wares off they become just OK. Things are running smoothly now and all is well.

CONTINUING – December 2006

Office 2007 installed, Adobe Acrobat 8.0 installed, some of my favorite utilities installed, Photo Shop Elements 5 installed, Power Desk 6 installed, Firefox 2.02 installed, Norton Antivirus 6 installed – no. McAfee Antivirus 8.0i installed – no. Neither of these would install or run. OK, I need a version for Vista. Not available at this time. Now I have to depend on MS Windows Defender for Antivirus, very scary.

IE 7 – Start IE7, click OK to all the MS stuff so I can continue. Try to go to More pop-ups, “are you sure you want to go here?” click yes. looks terrible. What has MS done? Check IE settings. Yuk, can’t do anything with default settings, no graphics, can’t download, etc. (20 minutes later) IE is now configured so it is usable.

Observations – Hmm, seems like my machine is running slower now since I have installed some software packages.
Firefox runs great under Vista. Sure glad MS put in a compatibility mode so most of my XP programs will run.

JANUARY 2007 – Saga continues

Opening up a files in Office always seems to wait until Office finds the network printer unless I press ESC. A nuisance but I can live with it. My favorite file manager Power desk doesn’t seem to work right all the time, must be a Vista issue. Uninstalled Power Desk and installed Explorer2X. This works much better in Vista.

MARCH 2007 – File issues

I need to move many files from the server or another computer to this one. Vista waits for what seem like along time before starting to copy files. Vista asks me again if I am sure and then checks for disk space and then finally copies files. Much quicker in XP. I open Widows Explorer to check a file listing and click on the CDROM icon but there is not a disk in the drive and Vista waits, and waits, and waits. I finally go on to another task and check later. Vista is still showing the wait icon. Finally I kill the process with task manager. This also happens if you click on a network drive that is not available. Totally unacceptable behavior. File issues continue and I make sure I select a available network drive and ALWAYS have a CD in the drive before I try to access the files. This continues to get worse over time.

April – May 2007 – Real work needs to get done

Now I am in the middle of creating documents adding files, spreadsheets, pictures to a report. Multiple applications open, oops Word freezes trying to print. Error says printer not available. I just printed a few minutes earlier, what is going on? Try again, same error. Save file, close Word, try again. Works this time, glad I was not in a hurry. Maybe reboot is necessary. Windows takes forever to get to the shut down screen and won’t shut down. Hit the power button.
Days later –
Same issue trying to print is happening way too often. File issues are beginning to really get me upset. Shut down issue is happening all the time now.
Some more days later –
Major project needs to be finished. Open multiple applications, finish project send to printer, printer not available! Not now, I need this printed ASAP, not later! Go through process discussed early, almost past deadline. Finally printed. Oops application is locked. Task Manager is now my most used application; killing non responsive programs. Can’t save, network file issues happening again. Go get a beer and try to settle down.
(I have not had this many issues with an O/S since Windows ME)


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