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September 23, 2007

Newsletter 9-23-2007

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Do you go to the post office to buy the same old dull stamps?Would you like to have customs stamps with your business logo, your picture, pets picture, child or grandchild picture?Well now you can and it’s very easy to do at the following web site. You realize that this service will cost you but why not have your own custom stamps.

It seems that the schools have more need for funding and less response from taxpayers or the local government. Would you like to help school teachers for a special project? On this site there are many requests for funding for special school projects. Just sign up and pick one and donate some small amount of cash and you will feel a lot better about yourself.

I am always looking out for cool stuff and I found a device that I need. It is a laser infrared thermometer.Ok, now you ask why do I need this? Ok here is what you can do with it.Check heat leakage around your house. Check food temperature. Find the warmest or coolest place in the room or anywhere. Check heat conductivity. Basically check the temperature of anything just by pointing the laser site and take the temperature reading.You can get it Amazon for $50. Be sure to read the reviews of other owners at Amazon’s web site.

I don’t text message very often but do use it occasionally when I have a special reason or purpose for texting instead of calling. If you are like me and don’t have a text message plan on your cell phone, it costs you each time you send a message.If you are near your computer when you want to send a message, this site let you send a text message anywhere in the world for free. Now, this is my type of service. Yea, I know you must create an account but if you plan to send a few text messages it is worth it. Check it out.

Youtube has some really cool videos that I would like to download but there isn’t a way to download them directly from their web site. Well now there is. A free piece of software called Ares Tube 2.0 will download an video on Youtube and many other sites. Their web sites explains all you need to know and also has a list of sites that Ares Tube will work with. This give you the opportunity to share the video and send it via email to your friends.

“To learn, you must love discipline; it is stupid to hate correction.”


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