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October 14, 2007

Your Tax Dollars – Where should they go?

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The federal and local governments must collect taxes to fund their existence and to provide you with public services that we all use. We vote on our leaders and we hope they use good judgment in spending our tax dollars.

What would happen if we got to vote on where are tax dollars were spent? How many services would disappear because lack of funding? What would are elected leaders do if they couldn’t decide where are tax money went? Would they just past more useless and unneeded laws? At least they certainly would have more time to devote to solving problems than spending our money foolishly without regard to their actions.

Here is what I want YOU to do.

Put in the comment section what percentage of your tax money would go to what items.

Here is how I would want my tax money spent on the Federal level in no particular order.

10% – Social services including social security, welfare, etc.
30% – Education, all levels including college and graduate work
15% – Military and Homeland Security
15% – Transportation and Infrastructure
20% – Medical research and National Healthcare
5% – Technology and technology research
5% – Give back to the states to spend as they need it.

Now it is your turn. Let the comments begin.



  1. 40% Military and Homeland Security
    15% Transportation and Infrastructure
    30% Education
    10% Research Projects (Tech and Medical)
    5% Back to the states

    Comment by thundar — October 22, 2007 @ 7:23 pm

  2. […] October 14th I posted a challenge on my blog for you to tell me what percentage of your tax dollars should go to what item. If you haven’t […]

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