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January 27, 2008

Newsletter 1-27-2008

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This week is all about tools and thing that will help around the house, garage, etc. We all have project that need to get done and any little help to do them better or easier is always appreciated by me. So read on about some stuff I have found from many different blogs, web sites, surfing, etc.

This site has some really useful fasteners for cardboard, or similar material. Use these to make cardboard trains, cars, stuff for kids, custom boxes for putting stuff in, and just plain fastenings soft material. At this site you can buy kits if you can’t think of an idea to use these little guys.

Have you heard about the Stirling engine? It is an engine that has been around for quite some time looking for an idea to make it practical. Go ahead and do a Google search and read all about it. Now that you know what it is, the following is a great use of the Stirling engine.
“The Heat Wave Wood Stove Fan quietly and efficiently circulates warm air from your wood stove into your room. This fan will dramatically increase the effectiveness of your heating appliance and improve your comfort level. You can instantly gain up to 35% more efficiency from your wood stove with this amazing fan. Even more impressive is no electricity is required! The Heat Wave uses a Stirling-Cycle Powerplant to power the fan. Ok, it is a little pricey, but check it out.

Raytek make a little device for checking the temperature of anything without actually touching the device y our checking. This is a good thing because you don’t have to burn the temperature checker. I have always wanted one of these but can’t really justify buying it except it would be cool to walk around pointing this at all kinds of things to see what the temperature is. You may have a great use for this, if so let me know.

OK guys, do you have a leak somewhere that need fixing like a gas tank, old bucket, pin hole is glass, or anything that is leaking a fluid or air that need to be fixed? I know there are all kinds of stuff out there to fix leaks but this is the best I have found period. It is called ‘Seal-all Adhesive and Sealant’ and its available from Amazon or your local hardware store. This stuff will even stop a brake fluid from leaking. The best part is that you doing have to do any prep work like sanding, cleaning, etc.

I have a cute little dog that likes to roam around bushes and occasionally he finds things he shouldn’t like ticks. There are all kind of ways to remove a tick the has started embedding itself in an animal or human. This little tools is great for removing a tick. It is called ‘Trix Tick Remover’.

Hey all you ladies out there, do you need to sew things and find out that common thread is just now strong enough? Try using Kevlar thread. It is very strong and a good replacement for common thread. You can get the stuff at Amazon, or from many other sites.

Ok, guys a tip for you. Need a vice but don’t have one handy? Try using rubber bands around the pliers you are using. Add more or less depending on how much strength you need.

“Income from charging high interest rates will end up in the pocket of someone who is kind to the poor.”


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