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March 23, 2008

Newsletter 3-23-2008

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The high price of fuel for my car has really got me thinking electric, alternate energy, power for transportation. This video on looks like it has promise. The problem is when.

The New York Auto show was last week and a number of cars shown were alternate energy vehicles. Many new vehicles were shown, both concept and ‘almost’ ready for production. Lots of pictures and the link below.

It seems in Dallas that the stoplight picture cameras are doing such a great job that the city is turning some of them off because they cost more to operate than they are getting through revenue. OK, since when is revenue more important that saving people lives and preventing accidents? I guess it is in Dallas. Full article below.

At this web site you can search for popular books, music CDs and videos—all of the physical items you’re used to getting from libraries. You can also discover many new kinds of digital content, such as downloadable audio books. You may also find article citations with links to their full text; authoritative research materials, such as documents and photos of local or historic significance; and digital versions of rare items that aren’t available to the public. Because WorldCat libraries serve diverse communities in dozens of countries, resources are available in many languages. lets you search the collections of libraries in your community and thousands more around the world.

“A rule of thumb is a homemade recipe for making a guess. It is an easy-to-remember guide that falls somewhere between a mathematical formula and a shot in the dark. Rules of thumb are a kind of tool. They help you appraise a problem or situation. They make it easier to consider the subtleties of the topic at hand; they give you a feel for a subject. A rule of thumb is not a joke or a ditty. It is not a Murphy’s Law. Murphy says that things will take longer than we think; a rule of thumb says how much longer. While a proverb says that a stitch in time saves nine, a rule of thumb says to allow one inch of yarn for every stitch on a knitting needle.”

“The word symbol is derived from the Greek word symbolon. In ancient Greece it was a custom to break a slate of burned clay into several pieces and distribute them within the group. When the group reunited the pieces were fitted together (Greek symbollein). This confirmed the members belonging to the group. An ideogram is a special type of symbol, a graphic sign for an idea or concept. For instance, the G-clef in musical notation and the switch for treble range on sound reproducing appliances. It is therefore an ideogram. Alphabetic letters are not considered ideograms proper in this work. But as the first letter in the alphabet A not only is a sign for a specific sound, but also denotes the idea of something that comes first. Consider expressions like “A grade” and “A-team”. A may therefore be regarded as a sign. A sign is called iconic if it has some perceivable likeness to what it denotes. In the opposite case, it is called aniconic. However, whether iconic or aniconic, graphical symbols and signs that are not pictures of easily recognized objects are called non-pictorial. These non-pictorial symbols and signs are the subject matter of “ If the above tripped your trigger check out the web site.

By now most of you have heard about or have visited the site many time and enjoyed they videos there. Why limit your search to only? There are many great videos that don’t show up on This site searches many video sites and gives results far greater than Check it out.

Happy Easter to all! Enjoy and celebrate the meaning of this wonderful day.


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