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March 30, 2008

Newsletter 3-30-2008

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“This weeks newsletter is all about LINUX, so if you are not interested in LINUX at all you can skip this issue.

“I am thinking about going totally to LINUX but what is keeping me from doing this is the applications that I use on my Windows computer. If there were similar application on LINUX it would help me make my final decision. Well I find a great site that has the LINUX equivalent application that I use on Windows. Now I have to bite the bullet and see if I can make the switch.

“Having problems installing something on your new Ubuntu LINUX operating system? >”Where’s the EXE?”, “Where do I need to extract this to?”, “How do I run it?”, “Where did it go?” – have you been thinking questions like these? Don’t worry, installing software, themes and other things on Ubuntu LINUX is actually very easy! This guide will help you understand with screenshots, instructional videos and to-the-point language. “

“Next what are the best applications to use on LINUX? Since I am unfamiliar with this operating system what do I need? This web site has their TOP 10. You may or may not agree with them but the applications they review sure sound very useful to me.

“Next I need a real good file manager so I know where everything is and can find the right location that all the above links are talking about. Well this program looks like it will do just fine.

“OK, you say I like the MAC OSX much better. Can I make LINUX look like the MAC? Yes, that is possible and these guys will show you how in a step by step procedure. Check it out MAC fans.


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