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April 6, 2008

Newsletter 4-6-2008

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Sometimes I am very upset at what I read online about what is happening in the US at our schools. A recent article on Fox News about a Senior given a 0 for an art project brings schools to an all time low. Instead of rambling about this terrible injustice, just read the article for yourself.,2933,344350,00.html

I registered a domain name called “”. This web site is for all the stupid, asinine, and horrible stuff I see on the Internet or read about in the paper and stuff that fits in the category “What were you thinking”. This article will be top of the list. Now all I need is time to published all the stuff to the web site.

TED = Torrent Episode Downloader, will keep download the latest episode of your favorite TV show and monitor the Internet for the next episode to be published. When it is, it will automatically down it for your viewing pleasure. Very convenient application if you do not have a TIVO or a DVR from your cable company.

“The Mutopia Project offers sheet music editions of classical music for free download. These are based on editions in the public domain, and include works by Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, Handel, Mozart, and many others. A team of volunteers are involved in typesetting the music by computer. They also have a growing number of modern editions, arrangements and new music. The respective editors, arrangers and composers have chosen to make these works freely available.”

“TVRage, a wide-ranging, user-friendly television resource with information ranging from the classics to current shows from around the world. With TVRage’s comprehensive show filter, you can easily find your favorite shows as well as browse through over 15,000 guides.

In addition to the extensive television database, TVRage also features over 150,000 people associated with the television business; actors, producers, writers, directors, and many more – each featuring a list of credits and additional information including biographies, a photo gallery, trivia, and general data.”

If you are of fan of all thing related to flying, space, flight, etc. The Smithsonian Museum has all their published copies of the “Air & Space” magazines available for reading on line.

Each day NASA publishes the “Image of the Day” on their web site. They have archived these images going back every day from 1995 to present for your view pleasure. Take advantage of these great photos, view them, download them.

Also for your viewing pleasure….
“NASA’s Johnson Space Center is proud to provide this collection of press release images from the manned space program, from Mercury to the STS-79 Shuttle mission. This collection represents over 9,000 images. These images are available in 640×480 JPEG format (average size 40k each), and include catalog information for each image.”


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