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May 5, 2008

Newsletter 5/4/2008

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If you are in the baby boomer generation or if your parents are in the baby boomer generation, this web site should be of interest to you.
The CDC has compiled some interesting data on this generation in regards to health. The option to not getting older is well, death. At least while we are still kicking, health is a major issue, so check out the CDC web site.

How many time have you said to yourself, ‘I would like to start a business’? OK, so you really decided to pursue it. Where do you go to get reliable info on things like, how to make a business plan, assessing financial need for your new business, marketing, security, technology needed, or the dreaded tax questions? The Small Business Administration has some 30 minutes online course to help you out. At least they will get you pointed in the right direction.

How do you _________? Well just fill in the blank. If you want to know how to do just about anything, there are multiple web sites to will tell you how. Now, where to start? Is there a good resource that cover multiple subjects? Well yes there is. Just click on the link and find out how.

The old saying, believe only half of what you hear, is correct. There are times when I hear about a bill that is talked about in the news media, that I want the actual wording or want to know the whole truth and not the media version. I have this site bookmarked for a quick check on the bill and what it really says. This site has multiple ways to search for bills passed, failed, and currently being discussed.

Personally, I dislike lawyers in general. They cause more problems for everyone in this country than any other profession. Always concerned about billable time. Frivolous law suits cause so much burden on the legal system today that it is a quagmire. With that said sometimes it is necessary to find legal advice. The following web site does provides basic info on many legal issues. Go to the bottom part of the page for information.<


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