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May 11, 2008

Newsletter 5/11/2008

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Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there. You deserve this day and hope your family has made it special.
OK moms, here are few quick links to give you a bit of help.

A little advice on motherhood, money, and careers to working moms.

A few videos and blogs on mothering and child-rearing.

Here is an organization on advocating family friendly policies.

“Emphasis On Moms is focused on encouraging mothers not only as parents, but as individual women. The goal each month is to help moms treasure their position in life by creating a warm and inviting environment at home for their families while also getting much-needed support for themselves.”

If you hate to be put on the phone push button routine where you have to push 1 then 2 then 3 before you get to a real person, well so do I. In my blog on 7-22-07 I made reference to A great place to find the phone numbers to reach real people. There is another site that you might like to visit. This site will automatically do the number keying in for you and you will then be in touch with a real human or at least in the queue. Just enter in the company you want to talk to and they do the rest.

The reason you called one of the above number might have been to get a resolution to a problem. If you don’t get satisfaction, there are a few web sites that like to listen. Jut post you problem and the web search engine will find it and the bad press may get you some help or at least you had a opportunity to let the world know of the poor service you received. Try either or If neither of them work you can pay $5 at and they will notify at least 5 search engines and notify the company in question each time the post has been read.

The Better Business Bureau helped 73% of the people that requested help from them last year. So, you might give them a call or try contacting your states Attorney General office from the list at the following web site.


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