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May 18, 2008

Newsletter 5/18/2008

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I was just cruising the Net tonight and I found a list of lists. Well this site has a list of Top Ten lists. I know Letterman has his top ten lists each night but these are far better, from Dave’s list, not to be confused with Letterman.

Ok, so you have checked out the above top ten lists, well this site has the top ten lists of… well everything. I must agree. If you need a top ten list on anything you will find it here. I don’t agree with a lot of them, but none the less, they are worth checking out.

Before I leave this subject I want to recommend one more top ten site. What I like about this one is the way it is organized. Very easy to find a list on the subject you are interested in perusing. I enjoyed the top ten April fool pranks.

MY humble apologies for this next post if it hit home with you like it did with me.

I found a web site that try’s its best to help you out but really shows all your weaknesses. There isn’t anything in the world that smacks us in the face as we get older as trying to remember certain things. Actual it isn’t remembering because it is stored up there somewhere, just finding it at the correct moment is the problem. The following site will help you or intimidate you depending on how you take it. OK, check out and see for yourself.

“Welcome to the Visual Dictionary Online, the dictionary with a new point of view. A quick glance at the index is all it takes to connect words with images. Explore the 15 major themes to access more than 6,000 images and see words like never before.” OK, why not a picture to explain things instead of words? They did a pretty good job but there is still a lot of words but at least they have a picture for each item.

I always need to tie or secure something. Tape doesn’t always work and it is not reusable. Rope takes up too much space along with string which is not strong enough, so what do you use? Check out these guys. They make a reusable cable tie that works great and doesn’t cost so much that you can’t afford to buy them.


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