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June 1, 2008

Newsletter 6/01/2008

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Well after a nice holiday week end off, its backs to business and the newsletter.

If you are looking for plant information this is a good source to check out. From their home page….You may use Plant Information Online to discover sources in 980 North American nurseries for 104135 plants, find 361073 citations to 137306 plants in science and garden literature, link to selected websites for images and regional information about 12225 plants, and access information on 2330 North American seed and nursery firms. Plant Information Online is a free service of the University of Minnesota Libraries.

If you need to go shopping for a used vehicle in the future you need to be prepared with all the facts you can get. Two good places to start or the NADA price guide and Kelley Blue book. Both have pricing for cars, trucks and motorcycles, plus if you want to dig an lot of good information on what to look for in a used vehicle.
Kelley Blue Book
NADA Price Guide

How many times do you hear from someone “So you want to do…” Ok, so you want to do what? I want to learn how to fix something, do something, learn something, etc. If you fit in this category check out this web site.

The following is a quote from the front page of their web site. Actually, they are probably right.
Online since 1997, continues to be by far the best resource of business information, corporate filings, property records, deeds, mortgages, criminal and civil court filings, inmates, offenders, births, deaths, marriages, unclaimed property, professional licenses, and much more.”

I was going to put a link here on how a recession works and what defines a recession. Then I though a little bit and decided it isn’t necessary. Since we are in a recession we all know how a recession works. Money is tight, jobs are hard to get, prices on everything you need is higher this week than the week before, and I could go on but it is not necessary. What we really need is a site that tells else how to cope with a recession. Well this web site has some good ideas but I am sure there are more.


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