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June 8, 2008

Newsletter 6/08/2008

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His week’s newsletter is all about cool tools, handy helps, great products, etc.

This stuff will patch just about everything. It can patch drywall, wood, even metal on both interior and exterior surfaces. Just a light sand, bit of paint and things are good as new. It works as it is advertised and makes a good addition to you fixit stuff.

Usually when something breaks or needs tightening, adjusting, etc you are not at home or don’t have your tools with you. So what do you do?

By a Swiss Tech micro-plus 8 in 1 tool and put it on your key chain. 80% of quick or emergency repairs can be performed with this hand little tool. If you don’t need one I am sure, you know someone that does. It makes a great inexpensive practical gift too.

Sticker Shield is a static adhesion sheet that surrounds a decal or sticker, making it easily removable and transferable from one surface to another. Sticker Shield allows you to avoid the hassle altogether and preserves the sticker for re-use. The sheets are 4×6-inches, so if you’re using smaller decals, you just cut down the sheet and save the other half for another sticker.

Have you wanted to export your I-tunes play list so someone else can use it? Or how about just making a backup? iTunes Export provides a simple command line application that can be used to generate playlists, a Graphical UI that provides a wizard interface to exporting playlists, or a DLL that can be used by other developers to add the ability to read iTunes Music Library XML files to other applications. Read more about this great little application here.

Information archives are a great resource if you know where they are and how to find them. The following is a list of some good information archives that might come in handy on you next information search.
“The Rosetta Project is an ambitious archival project, aiming to build a “publicly accessible online archive of ALL documented human languages.”
For newsy items, you’ll want to check out Google News Archives, an easy way to browse past copies of newspapers, journals and news magazines. In addition, Wikipedia has compiled a long list of online newspaper archives.
The Rockefeller Archives is a seriously huge online resource; literally hundreds of thousands of documents are available here for viewing in at least six different archival collections.” (from Lifehacker)

You found a phone number on a piece of paper, scribbled on a book page, on your notepad but don’t know who it belongs to. So how do you find out? Cruise over to this web site, put the number in and presto, you have the name and address. Sorry it does not work for cell phones.


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