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June 22, 2008

Newsletter 6/22/2008

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I just found out the Scotch makes removable Magic Tape. The stuff works great for taping thing that you know will have to be removed in a day or two. Much easier that use any type of glue or some form of Post IT notes to hold stuff.
tape? Yeah, Scotch makes that stuff too. All this was gleamed from my cruising the web site of Scotch Tape.

Last posting I told you about a cool tool from Swiss Tech called 8 in 1 tool. Continuing will small handy tools, take a look at “Doc Allen’s Versa Tool”. Quote from the web site, “This little gem is the handiest, most compact torque tool we’ve ever used. Invented by an outdoorsman who got tired of carrying multiple screwdrivers, Allen-wrenches and sockets with him, the VersaTool has a palm-sized swivel handle that functions like a screwdriver, T-wrench or high-torque wrench.”

While I am at work I like to listen to music but I don’t have any access to a server or large free space to store MP3 files. So I listen to streaming music from online radio stations. Depending on your preference for music, there may be many or just a few stations that broadcast your particular genre. So just go to and search for a station that you might enjoy. Currently in beta, but the results are quite good. Check them out.

Most of us have either traveled by commercial airline of stopped at an airport to pick up a friend, family member, or business partner. Wouldn’t it be great if you knew if there were a delay in the flight they were on in real time? How about getting instant text message updates on the flight status as you are traveling to the airport? Now you can. I use and I am sure there are others that perform this function, but this has many other options, and air traffic information. Put this site in your bookmarks.

I hope you have been using the new Firefox 3.0. It was released last week. So far it seems to work just fine. I have found some changes that I don’t like but they can be modified so in all, well worth the upgrade if you haven’t done so already.

I know most of you use Google to do your Internet searching, but is it you home page? What about Yahoo? I use Google and Yahoo both. Some searches give better results in Yahoo. Experiment yourself. I still prefer Yahoo generally. Oh, there are a few things that Yahoo can do the Google can’t. Check out this web page to find out.


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