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July 6, 2008

Newsletter 7/6/2008

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Health care is expected to remain among the top domestic issues for voters in the 2008 election. So where do the candidates stand? WebMD attempts to give an unbiased opinion on what each candidates platform is related to health issues. You will have to decide if the information provided is accurate.

The automobile industry association released the June figures on what cars increased or decreased in sales for the month of June.
Interesting to see how the foreign manufactures are doing compared to the US auto makers. OK here are the main facts.

Biggest winner – MINI  increase of 40.5%
Biggest loser – HUMMER decrease of 54.2% (gee what else would you guess with today’s gas prices)

Now for the quick dirty results by manufacture
Honda America 13.8%
BMW Group 0.1%
Chrysler Group -28%
Ford Motor Co -19.1%
Toyota Motor Co. -11.5%
General Motors -8.3%
Nissan North America -7.54

Check out this video about a cool new little vehicle that looks like something we all could  use, a 3 wheel enclosed scooter.
(manufacture webs site)
(news article and video)

I just heard on the news that some congressman want to return to the National 55MPH speed limit. It didn’t works last time and it won’t work again. Why can’t congress come up with a REAL solution to the problem?  May I suggest items such as alternate energy, solar, wind, battery, etc.
There is a guy by the name of Doug Pelmear that say he converted his ’87 Ford Mustang with a V8 motor to get 80MPH.
A rather hefty boast for a V8 driven car. Check out the article below from the web site to see if you think it is real or just plain a bunch of BS.

“Doug Pelmear has lots of secrets beneath the hood of his black 1987 Ford Mustang on which the only outward hint of individuality is a series of stickers. But looks can be deceiving. Mr. Pelmear’s 21-year-old pony car has enough technological innovation to quadruple the classic Mustang’s original gas mileage while almost doubling its available horsepower.
That’s 80 miles per gallon and 400 horsepower, folks. And the 48-year-old electronics engineer and master mechanic is not done yet.
The third-generation automotive tinkerer hopes that next year his Mustang – more specifically its engine – will help him win the $10 million Progressive Automotive X Prize: a “race” to find an affordable, marketable automobile that gets at least 100 miles per gallon, or its equivalent.
“I’m an optimist, and I think people need to know there is hope out there,” Mr. Pelmear said. “That’s why I decided to enter the X Prize race. I could have sold this [technology] off, but then people might not have seen it.
“It’s not about the money. Our country really needs this.”
The Progressive Automotive X Prize is sponsored by the X Prize Foundation to focus attention on and improve technology for real-world fuel economy.
Private teams compete in two categories, mainstream and concept, and compete against one another in a staged race that will judge performance, fuel economy, and marketability. There are no official entrants yet, but scores of teams have signed letters of intent to participate in the races, scheduled for 2009.
What radical technology did Mr. Pelmear introduce? His patents are not fully in place, but he said it mostly is a matter of electronics and precision.
“We redesigned a lot of different things on the [engine] block,” the engineer said.
“It’s still a rod-and-piston engine; it just has a lot more electronics on it.”
Mr. Pelmear said that traditional gas engines operate “at a very low efficiency, like 8 to 10 percent, and our engine is like at 38 percent efficiency.”
He said he could greatly increase even that number if his car used traditional gasoline instead of a mix of gas and 85 percent ethanol, which burns hotter but releases fewer hydrocarbons into the atmosphere.
His engine also would be more efficient if he had sacrificed some of its 400 horsepower or 500 foot-pounds of torque, but Mr. Pelmear said his design is intended for “real-world” uses, not the laboratory.

“I’m not the highest-miles-per-gallon vehicle entered in the X Prize, but I think I’m the more consumer friendly, more down to earth, more conventional,” he said.
Mr. Pelmear’s Mustang is entered in the X Prize’s “mainstream” competition against other modified production cars.
According to the X Prize foundation, he will compete against several dozen other vehicles from around the world.”


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