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July 20, 2008

Newsletter 7/20/2008

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Now that politics is in full bloom, the speech makers should check out some of the previous great orators of the past and learn from them on what to say and what not to say. Ok, how do the current politicians find these great speeches? They just need to read my newsletter and I will point them to the greats speeches of history. The answer is right in front of their nose. The Internet. OK, I need to be more specific.
The following site has a database of and index to 5000+ full text, audio and video versions of public speeches, sermons, legal proceedings, lectures, debates, interviews, other recorded media events, and a declaration or two.

Ok, now they have some good speeches to go over before the stand up in front of us and tell us what they are not going to do in the next term if elected. They are going to give you a bunch of statistics that may or may not mean anything. Where did they get all those numbers and reports? Oh, gee, let me see, from their expert research team? Na, they probably just found them on some special interest web site. They could have just looked at our own government web sites and found all the numbers they need.
“Celebrating 10 years of making statistics from more than 100 agencies available to citizens everywhere” (from the web site)

Next we will hear from our elected officials that we are not in a recession only a weakening of our economy. Hmm, I checked the price of food and energy and it is way up, then I check my pay check and it has not gone up, next I looked at my retirement account and it was down, finally I looked in my wallet and it was depressed. Does this mean we are in a recession or a depression? To me this means that we are in a recession, but don’t take my word for it, just go over to this ‘how stuff works’ web site and they will explain it you in great detail the definition of a recession.

Now, we have this thing called the ‘Consumer Price Index’ (CPI) that is suppose to tell all the government types how our economy is doing and we are suppose to believe it. I thought I had better check out the official government CPI web site to see how they get this all knowing number. Here is the answer:

  • “The CPI represents changes in prices of all goods and services purchased for consumption by urban households. User fees (such as water and sewer service) and sales and excise taxes paid by the consumer are also included. Income taxes and investment items (like stocks, bonds, and life insurance) are not included.
  • The CPI-U includes expenditures by urban wage earners and clerical workers, professional, managerial, and technical workers, the self-employed, short-term workers, the unemployed, retirees and others not in the labor force. The CPI-W includes only expenditures by those in hourly wage earning or clerical jobs.

I guess this is what is considered the average wage earner.

With all this politicin’ going on, we need some rules. I figured this web site was as good as any to cover rules of order to follow.
“In 1876 General Henry M. Robert set out to bring the rules of the American Congress to members of ordinary societies with the publication of Pocket Manual of Rules of Order. It sold half a million copies before this revision of 1915 and made Robert’s name synonymous with the orderly rule of reason in deliberative societies.” Are we a deliberative society?


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  1. Until TV, nobody knew the caliber of the clowns governing the country. It’s impossible to observe these chowder heads in action with their funny hats and balloons, without feeling sure we’re destined to go the way of Rome, Greece and big-time vaudeville…GrouchoMarxGroucho Marx, The Groucho Letters

    Comment by Prison Planet — July 27, 2008 @ 10:33 am

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