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August 10, 2008

Newsletter 08/10/2008

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Ok, I know I am a slacker, it’s been a while since that last newsletter, but this is the summer season at the beach so, things I had to accomplish are many such as,  strolls down the beach, catch some waves with my boogie board, go for some nice motorcycle cruises, and catch up on my summer relaxing. Oh, can’t forget there are many tennis games to play too. Or, the actual reason may be that we purchased a WII. This little white box provides hours of fun. I think I might be addicted to WII Bowling, or WII Tennis, or WII skiing, or WII Table Tennis, or WII….. My current high score in WII Bowling is 258 and I will take on any challengers. <grin>

On TV we here a lot about what the polls say. So, what about the polls? At the following web site is a tutorial that is intended to offer a simplified glimpse into some of the fundamentals of public opinion polling. Designed for the novice, POLLING 101 provides definitions, examples, and explanations that serve to introduce interested people to public opinion research.

Sometimes my short term memory goes, well I don’t know where it goes, it just isn’t there so  here’s a tongue in-cheek tribute to anyone who’s ever scribbled a reminder on their hand or wrist. Err, that would be about everybody, right? Check out this to see how you can get help with that short term memory problem. There are other strange items at this site too.

I hope none of you are in the situation where you are falling behind in your mortgage payment do to receiving a sub-prime loan. If you are in need, help may be here shortly. The following is a quote from the web site home page. “The President has signed into law legislation that will allow HUD’s Federal Housing Administration (FHA) to continue providing targeted mortgage assistance to homeowners.  The Hope for Homeowners program will continue FHAÂ’s existing and successful efforts to provide aid to struggling families trapped in mortgages they currently cannot afford.  Under the program, certain borrowers facing difficulty with their mortgage will be eligible to refinance into FHA-insured mortgages they can afford. The program will be implemented on October 1, 2008.”,3947211&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL

Since all the above problems my cause something called stress. For some people, it happens before having to speak in public. For other people, it might be before a first date. What causes stress for you may not be stressful for someone else. Sometimes stress is helpful – it can encourage you to meet a deadline or get things done. But long-term stress can increase the risk of diseases like depression, heart disease and a variety of other problems. Therefore you may want to check out the following web page.

“Topo maps also label structures, buildings, railways, and other features of interest to someone trying to navigate on their own power. All continental areas of the US have been mapped in topographic detail and these crisply printed topo maps are available inexpensively from the United States Geographical Service. The easiest way is to download a free nifty app for Google Earth, called the Topographical Overlay, that will add a KMZ “layer” of official US topo maps on Google Earth. Once installed you can toggle it on or off. When on, the Topo Overlay displays the standard 7.5 minute topos as one seamless map of the country. This makes it very easy to center your interest in the middle of your custom map.” From Cool Tools web site.


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