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August 17, 2008

Newsletter 08/17/2008

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Most of you know that I prefer Yahoo for most of my searches. I get clearer more relevant searches as opposed to Google where you get too many results and too many adds. Therefore I offer the following list off all that Yahoo offers. Check it out you may see something that interests you or a more specialized search to meet your needs. And if you find something interesting to share with your friend, use the Clip add-in to save that link on, Google Bookmarks, etc.

Do you still subscribe to magazines or do you get all your info from the WWW. How about getting your magazines in digital media so you can link, copy, and search your digital media? This site has a number of magazines available for purchase in digital format.

How about a nice way to tweak Firefox?
The about:config page in Firefox allows you set preferences and tweak certain settings that are otherwise impossible to edit via the regular Firefox Options dialog. For instance, you can alter the default behavior of address bar “Prevent Firefox from Showing Bookmarks in the Address”, set your own domain guessing rules, change user-agent strings, and so much more.
The only problem is that about:config settings are too technical and packed in a geek interface which can be slightly intimidating to most Firefox users. Luckily, there’re some excellent add-ins that add a visual interface (GUI) to about:config settings thus enabling anyone and everyone to “hack” Firefox without being a geek.
“GUI Config” lets you change the default behavior of mouse clicks, browser cache, download window alerts and a dozen other settings. You can hover the mouse over a setting to know in simple English how that change will affect the browser behavior. (Digital Inspiration)

Do you find that some sites look great in Firefox but not in Internet Explorer? How about the other way around, good in IE and not if FF. I have a solution for you. There is a web browser called “sleipnir” that lets you switch between either browser engine for your surfing. It is the most popular brow2ser in Japan and now available in Japanese translated English. That mean there are a few menus and screen that are not is correct English. Give it a try at:

A cool new Firefox add in is called “PDF Download”.  It lets you grab any web page and turn it into a PDF.  It generates the PDF file while on the page and either emails it to you, or someone else,  or saves it to your computer. I find it to be real handy for looking at page that will change and I want to preserve it as it is. One more nice item is that it does NOT save any of the ads on the page.


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