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November 2, 2008

Newsletter 10/26/2008

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This week focus on some free software you can download to help you use your computer more efficiently.

Bug Shooting is a free screenshot utility that was developed for software testers who use bug tracking systems, but it just maybe the best free screen capture utility I have seen or used. Take the ‘screenshot tour’ to see all that it can do. A great little utility to add to your software collection.

Attention Vista owners, tire of how slow you computer runs with Vista? Microsoft has a PDF file that give you many helpful hints on how to speed up the performance of Vista. Download the PDF file at the following link and start making Vista perform better.

Have you ever gone to a web page and wanted to highlight a paragraph or just a line or to? Well now you can. This little add on to Firefox will let you highlight any area of web page in multiple colors. It remembers the page text location and color so it is highlighted the next time you visit that page.

Sometimes I am thinking about a word that I just can’t quite remember. You know the saying ‘it’s on the tip of my tongue’. Well there is a web site that will try to help you out. You can search by partial word, letters that might be scrambled, or word meaning. All I can say is “it’s on the tip of my tongue”

Quick, name the 20 most popular web sites in the US. If you guessed that most of them had the word in them you were right. Check out this page and see for yourself.
PS this site has a lot more stats if you are interested.

I have purchased a Nintendo WII and find it a joy. I have lots of fun playing the sports games and other that I have purchased. Now if you want to know  some other uses of the WII, check out this web page.


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