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November 23, 2008

Newsletter 11/23/2008

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Need to know how to do something around the home? This is a great site on how to do most anything around the home, garage, yard, or just making stuff in your shop or work area. Right now they have a nice article on decorating for Thanksgiving on their home page.

The mission of The Why Files is to explore the science, math and technology behind the news of the day, and to present those topics in a clear, accessible and accurate manner. We are based at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, but The Why Files covers science at all institutions that engage in scientific exploration and discovery.

Eric Weisstein’s World of Science is written and maintained by the author as a public service for scientific knowledge and education. Although it is often difficult to find explanations for technical subjects that are both clear and accessible, this web site bridges the gap by placing an interlinked framework of mathematical exposition and illustrative examples at the fingertips of every internet user.

“Professor Newcomb, one of the first scholars to examine the content and history of television…assembled an advisory committee [to reduce] the vast array of possible “television topics” to around 1,000. An early decision was made to focus the majority of the work on major English-speaking, television producing countries, and for that reason the bulk of the material presented here deals with television programs, people, and topics drawn from the United States, Britain, Canada and Australia. The Encyclopedia of Television has now become our “map” for future exhibitions and public programs. With a stronger knowledge of television’s past our aim is for those projects to continue our role as an important participant in media education.””

Have a Great Thanksgiving Week, and remember to help the less fortunate.


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