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February 1, 2009

Newsletter 01/25/2009

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Do you prefer to do most of your repair work, projects, tinkering, etc yourself? If so the next few links will be of great news.
“ is the Internet’s largest open resource of home improvement and repair information. This site was created to help home owners tackle the toughest of home repair projects all on their own. There are thousands of easy how-to articles that help guide you from start to finish. We also feature a variety of home improvement projects, along with faqs, tips, and interactive demonstrations.”

If the above fits you to a T, then you are probably familiar with the DIY Channel on TV. If not you should be. The link below is to their excellent web site with all the stuff you have seen on TV plus much more. Now you can watch many of the episodes online at the web site. One more thing, be sure to go to the cool tools section.

Since we are repairing stuff, fixing stuff, making stuff, and trying to keep stuff, we need to know how all the stuff we have or wish we had works. You can fix it, repair it, without knowing how it works. So spend some time here just finding out how stuff works.

Now we need some cool tools to use with all our new found knowledge. Check out the following site for some must have tools.
The coolest clamp for your workshop.

I am always in and around cars and usually need some type of charger. has this very useful charger.

Ok, guys you have to visit the site. It has just about every type of hardware supply know to man. Almost as good as the Sears Craftsman catalog.


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