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March 22, 2009

Newsletter 3/22/2009

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Where do you get your news on the Internet? Do you search on Google, Yahoo or somewhere else? What about blogs? Do you get your best info there? Now please either email me back or post a reply on my blog with your great locations you have found to get news. Wait lets narrow it down to real useable news, not just the garbage from the networks and wire services. Remember it you post in on my blog others will benefit from you surfing experience. The following are few places where I read my news.

OK, so we are searching for many different items and news. Do we all use the same search engine? Most use Google. What about setting up a custom search page that will use multiple search engines for multiple specialized searches? You can do this at a site called Their page lets you select from many sources. You can then layout the search page with all the different search engines you want for a custom search page.

You have seen many top ten lists including the Dave Letterman top 10 lists. What about the top ten products in any category, or the top 10 cameras with a specific feature, or the top ten cars that are all wheel drive or the top ten motorcycles for least amount of maintenance? This site lets you search thousands of top ten lists and reports the best of each. Check out their category pages to see them for yourself. I found many interesting items at this site.

One more great search and layout page is from a site called Kosmix. Basically you enter a search term and the results are shown from Google, plus top news articles on your subject search, top videos related to your search, and top pictures related to your search . This is a good bookmark to add for searching the web.

OK now that I have given away a number of sites I use to get stuff for this newsletter, I had better quite. I don’t want to tell you guys all my cool places in one newsletter. So enjoy these and don’t forget to post on my blog or email me links where you get your best news stuff.


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  1. greetings
    i’m so pleased that i found this page. that comment was so helpful. thanks again i bookmarked this article.
    are you going to post similar news?

    Comment by Mark — May 16, 2010 @ 5:46 pm

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