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May 10, 2009

Newsletter 5/10/2009

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HAPPY MOTHERS DAY for all you moms reading this on Sunday evening. For the rest of the mom’s that read this on Monday, happy belated Mothers Day.
I hope you had a great day and your guys treated you well.

Many of you reading this newsletter have high school students graduating this year and pay for college is a major concern right now. The following web site is one step in helping with the financial burden. You may not need these links now but you may in the future and I am sure you know someone who this can benefit.

“FastWeb, the Internet’s leading scholarship search service, helps students make the decisions that shape their lives: choosing a college, paying for college, and finding jobs and internships. And it’s all free. Recommended by more than 15,000 high schools and 3,500 colleges, FastWeb is the most trusted online college resource. Last year, one out of three college-bound high school seniors used the site, and more than 28 million students have created FastWeb accounts since launching in 1995.”

Continuing with government help with college … is the most comprehensive FREE full-text online resource on all U.S. government grants and student financial aid programs. Here you will find detailed and up-to-date information about (1) who can apply, (2) how to apply, (3) full contact info, and much more… for over 130 government grants and loans (scholarships, fellowships, traineeships) related to education.

More government help (get some of your tax dollars back)
“Federal Student Aid plays a central and essential role in supporting postsecondary education by providing money for college to eligible students and families. We partner with postsecondary schools, financial institutions and other participants in the Title IV student financial assistance programs to deliver services that help students and families who are paying for college.”

BEIJING (UPI) — A study funded by a German health food company suggests Chinese white tea may fight obesity by reducing fat cells.
The study by Beiersdorf AG, published in the journal Nutrition and Metabolism, said extracts of white tea reduced fat levels on laboratory-grown human fat cells, The Daily Telegraph reported Friday.
Nutritionist Marc Winnefeld said the white tea extract induced a decrease in the expression of genes associated with the growth of new fat cells and prompted existing adipocytes to break down the fat they contain, the British newspaper reported.
White tea is named for the white downy fur that covers the unopened bud of the tea leaf. During manufacturing, the buds are lightly steamed instead of being rolled and fermented, the report said.
Copyright 2009 by United Press International

Right now is allergy season and my wife and many others are suffering with all the spring pollens and blossoming plants.
The National Institute of Health has a web site dedicated to help with your allergy problems.
Allergies can cause a runny nose, sneezing, itching, rashes, swelling or asthma. Symptoms vary. Although allergies can make you feel bad, they usually won’t kill you. However, a severe reaction called anaphylaxis is life-threatening.


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