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November 29, 2009

Newsletter 11/29/2009

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Thanksgiving weekend is now history and what a relaxing and joyful weekend. I hope you had a similar experience.
I am thankful for many things including 4 day weekends!

Do you like to create photo albums of different shapes and sizes and either save them or print them out? Well now you can. is a great site for creating all type of photo collages. You can save them, print them, post them on Facebook or just enjoy what you have created.
Check out this one

Attention Itunes fans. You have some serious competition. Read on.
“Spotify is a peer-to-peer music streaming service; it’s a desktop application, but its content all comes via the cloud. Think of it as though the entire iTunes Music Store were actually just your library, and that instead of the poorly designed mess that it is, imagine that it was refreshingly streamlined, fast, and easy to search and use. That gives you a little bit of an idea what Spotify is like. It also works under Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux (using Wine).”
Be sure to watch the video.

I enjoyed video games back in the 80’s when the games were simpler and the story line kept you playing and they weren’t dependent on his res graphics to keep you attention. We now there is a web site that you can get all those old games that have been released as freeware or free to play.
Enjoy some of you old favorite games.

For all you political minded people who like to track what is going on in Washing D.C., checking on what lobbyist are doing is an important item.
This web site keeps track of all the lobbyist and what they are giving and to who. I am saving this for the 2010 election season to see what current senators are getting.

If you are like me you search the Internet for the best prices before you buy something. I found a very interesting site for comparing prices. It works a little different than most comparison sites so take a little time trying it out and you will find that it belongs in your search tools bookmarks.


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