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December 20, 2009

Newsletter 12/20/2009

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If you are like me I learn best by doing and the next best way is to watch someone doing what I need to learn. Based on this I have a web site that has many videos on how to stuff. The videos range from easy things like flower arrangements to repairing major appliances. A great help site for your view pleasure. Remember the phrase ‘monkey see monkey do’?

This sites description is based said from the quote from their site below.
“The Daily Number is a statistic, updated every weekday that highlights an important finding or trend. The Daily Number is typically drawn from surveys, research or analysis done by one of the Pew Research Center projects. Each day’s entry includes links to additional information on the subject as well as to an archive of past Daily Numbers. Listed below are the entries in the Daily Number feature for the last thirty days.”

This web site lets you explore the world through images, flags, money, language, maps and other information. It is a nice refreshing photo enhanced site covering most of the world. I great site for kids and adult to explore to learn about geography through pictures.

An interesting blog/web site that covers most anything that effects you wallet, posing some interesting solutions to everyday financial problems. It also reports on facts, figures, and details of what consumers are doing with their lack of funds based on the current recession. I found some very good articles worth keeping.


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