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January 12, 2010

Newsletter 01/12/2010

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The new year is progressing as it should with days just cruising along. Why does it seem the older you get the faster time flies by? Oh, I realize this isn’t Sunday evening.

For all of us gadget people, last week was the best week of the year. The annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Wages. Many really cool new gadgets, TV’s, cell phones, computers, etc were all unveiled by multiple manufactures. has an interesting video to watch about the new IP TV’s. Check it out.

Shopping, I really dislike going shopping, that is unless it is shopping on the Internet for some new cool high tech gadget. Sometimes I need to shop for clothes, household items, etc. So when that happens I usually go to the following sites listed below for the best deals. There are many comparison sites and shopping site but I wanted to introduce all of you to 2 that you may not have visited or even knew about.

Ok, so now you found the item you want, but how do you know it is any good? What about if it has had some defects, or what did other people thing about it after they bought it? How about reading consumer reviews of the item you are about to spend your hard earned cash on. This may ease you purchase anxiety.

Vacations are really cool when they happen, but in the back of your head I know you are worried about the cost of places you stay. Since I am always watching my budget, the following site will help you with your search for very economical housing as you travel.

I haven’t had anything for the younger kids lately , so here is one for them. This is a very kid friendly site for creating cute monsters. This site has many differ options for design a friendly or mean monster. It will keep them occupied for a while and you might even get a laugh from them too.

A wise lady said, “Ladies and gentlemen, to acquire information, much less wisdom, one’s lips cannot be moving.”


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  1. Thanks for listing our site – we appreciate it! What a great blog!

    Comment by Steve — January 13, 2010 @ 10:13 am

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