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January 24, 2010

Newsletter 01/24/2010

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I suppose most of you have seen the movie Avatar by now. To me it was absolutely amazing as far as special effects, human and animation integration, and actual graphical design. Oh, the 3D stuff was great too! Check out the short clips on that features the behind the scenes look at how the movie was made, and the actors comments.

Now that we are into the new year, are you still keeping your resolutions? I didn’t think so. Enough said.

A site you might want to add to your list of search sites is This site uses a question and answer format. Post a question and if it doesn’t have the answer it will post it to the community that hangs out on the site. Maybe some user there might know where to find the answer. It has some relevant answers to a few of the questions I poster but it didn’t have the answer to this question. What software was used in the making of Avatar? You might expect a computer geek to try that type of question. Check it out.

While I was giving the site about a good workout, I needed to find some special quotes that I queried. That immediately brought to my attention another site I visit regularly for bits of humor, wisdom, and profound statements. The quotes and words of with, humor, and wisdom found here can be used most anytime for just about anything.

Many of you including myself use Wikipedia to look up reference and information on numerous items. Now there is a ‘wiki’ for biographies. It has been around for a while but I forgot about it until I was searching for information on a notable subject. Again remember is a wiki so make sure to verify things that don’t look quite right.

I believe that I may have put this in an earlier newsletter but it is worth mentioning again. How to sites are great to find out the steps need to accomplish a task. There are many specialized sites that give you great how to information. The best place to start on your how to search is Running a close second is Both sites are must on your bookmark list.

I suspect that all of you use Google as your main search engine. Most of you know that I don’t because I prefer to use specialized search engines depending on my search subject. Anyway, if you use Google you should know about all of Google’s search features. Take some time to read their search help page.


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