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January 31, 2010

Newsletter 01/31/2010

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The Eastern shore has just experienced the heaviest snowfall in 15 years. Needless to say, we are snow bound. Yet the sun is shining and it is beautiful white outside. A real contrast to the green we normally see here. This has given me some more time to read, and do other inside activities. One of those activities is watch some TV which I normally don’t do very much of.

I just watched an episode of Grey’s Anatomy. Many of you probably watch this show and enjoy the character portrayal. While on the subject of Grey’s Anatomy, did you know that Henry Gray published a large book in 1918 which include many illustrations? This book was called Gray’s Anatomy. “Gray’s Anatomy of the Human Body features 1,247 vibrant engravings—many in color—from the classic 1918 publication, as well as a subject index with 13,000 entries ranging from the Antrum of Highmore to the Zonule of Zinn.”

This year, 2010, is the year of the federal mandated census. Actually I believe this is a good thing as is realigns moneys throughout the country based on population, age, etc. It also give us people that like to look at statistics, more data to manipulate to fit what we want. So, go the web site and found more on the census and what it can do.

There is something about glow-in-the-dark stuff that is fascinating to all the kids I know including this one. So, whenever I find some cool idea or cool way to do glow-in-the-dark stuff I always give it a try or at least remember where I saw it so I can try it later or just have it for a reference. This site has a great idea on making a cool glow-in-the-dark wall that has a number of possibilities besides entertaining the kids.

The Wall Street Journal has many great articles on their web site but they only let you read the first paragraph or just a little bit without subscribing. This bugs me so I knew there should be a way to view the whole article without pay for a complete subscription. Well there is. Over at this web site they explain exactly how to read any article that you may need.

I know many of you have an Apple iPod, iPhone, or iTouch. The problems with these devices is that they are tied to iTunes if you want to make the most use of your device. Now that is not the case. A new application that has more features and works as good if not better is now available. Check out this web site to see for yourself how well ‘CopyTrans’ works.


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